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The Natural Resource Report can be heard every Wednesday at 4:17pm.  You will hear the latest from cooperating Natural Resource Districts: Middle Republican, Upper Republican, Lower Republican, Tri-Basin, Central Platte, and Little Blue NRD's. For more information on any of the 23 Natural Resource Districts in Nebraska go here!


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College Scholarship Program

The Central Platte NRD provides natural resources education to students from Kindergarten to college seniors.  Today I’d like to tell you about our College Scholarship Program.  Do you know a college-aged student who could use $1,000?  The Central Platte NRD provides $1,000 scholarships to students who are planning to major in or who are already enrolled in a natural resources field.  The NRD provides ten scholarships annually to high school and current college students who reside within our District; which reaches from Gothenburg to Columbus.

Some of the majors that are eligible for the scholarship include: agronomy, biology, civil engineering, environmental studies or environmental education, geology, rangeland, hydrology, as well as many others.  Applications will be accepted until March 15th.  Applicants are ranked by our board of directors, with preference given to students who are already majoring in a natural resources field.  You may download an application from our website at: or call (308) 385-6282.


So if you know a college-aged student who is learning about our precious natural resources and could use $1,000 to help pay for their education, please encourage them to apply before March 15th.



Listen to Marcia Lee, Central Platte NRD


Holdrege Water Conference

            Water is the key ingredient for life on Earth. Water for irrigation is also the key to agricultural prosperity on the Great Plains. We are blessed with abundant surface water and groundwater in South-Central Nebraska, but a variety of factors are combining to limit the amount of water available for agriculture.

Development of additional irrigated land in the Platte Basin is restricted to protect streamflows for endangered species like Whooping Cranes. The Republican River Compact limits how much water Nebraskans can use in that river basin. Periodic droughts also highlight the limitations of our water supply.

Farmers have responded to water use limits by improving irrigation efficiency. Over the past few years they have converted hundreds of thousands of acres of cropland from furrow irrigation to more efficient center pivot and sub-surface drip irrigation. Many farmers have also adopted no-till farming techniques that not only improve soil health, they also reduce evaporation.

Because water is so critical to Nebraska agriculture, farmers and landowners need to stay informed about rapidly-changing irrigation technology and evolving water policy. The Holdrege Water Conference, scheduled for Tuesday, February 3rd at the Phelps County Ag Center, is a great opportunity to get the latest information about water issues and best management practices for irrigation. The conference starts at 10:30 AM. There is no charge to attend and a free lunch will be served. Please plan to attend the Holdrege Water Conference on Tuesday, February 3rd at the Phelps County Ag Center.

Listen to John Thorburn, General Manager, Tri-Basin NRD


Signup Time For Cost Sharing Programs


Ogallala Aquifer


Facilities To Watch Eagles And Other Wildlife

Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District provides facilities for the public to watch eagles and other wildlife. Inside the J-2 Hydro power plant, bleachers are set up in front of large windows that allow visitors to see eagles swooping to catch fish and also rest in trees along the banks of the Supply Canal. Spotting scopes are provided and attendants are available to answer questions.

The J-2 viewing center will open on Fri., Dec. 26 from 8 a.m. until noon to accommodate holiday visitors. The regular viewing season will then begin on Saturday, and the Eagle viewing site will be open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays through the first weekend in March. J-2 is located about seven miles south of Lexington, near the intersection of county roads 749 and 750. Signs along area roads help guide visitors to the plant. There is no charge to visit the facility.

Eagles are attracted to water flowing out below the powerplant, where they feed on fish in the open water.

Several factors influence the number of eagles seen from the facility on any given day, including weather, ice coverage, how many eagles are wintering in the area, and whether the hydroplant is operating. The best viewing time is normally early in the day. For more information about eagles and viewing opportunities, visit Central's Web site at

Protecting lives, property and the future, since 1972. Merry Christmas!

Listen to the NRD report by John Thorburn, General Manager, Tri Basin NRD


NE Association of Resources Board President Letter


Honors For Convervation Practices

The Central Platte NRD and Great Western Bank are honoring landowners and community representatives for conservation practices that they have implemented to protect our water and land. 

Marcia Lee, Information/Education Specialist, Central Platte NRD


"Land Prices"


Climate-Resilient Agriculture Conference

This week’s Natural Resources Report promotes the upcoming Climate-Resilient Agriculture conference in Holdrege, Nebraska.



John Thorburn, General Manager, Tri-Basin NRD


Drought of 2012


Central Platte NRD’s Conservation Awards

My name is Marcia Lee of the Central Platte Natural Resources District in Grand Island Nebraska, and this is.. the Natural Resources Report.

Nominations are being accepted for the Central Platte NRD’s Conservation Awards until November 5th.  The CPNRD board expanded the awards to select winners in three categories this year: Cropland, Grassland and Community Awards.  

The awards recognize land owners and communities who use best management practices on their operation or within their landscape designs. 

Anyone may nominate a person, partnership, operation, ranch, community group or community project. 

Examples of conservation practices may include: prescribed burning; tree planting, nutrient management, soil moisture sensors, crop rotation, field imagery, rain gardens or rain barrels; as well as other innovative conservation practices.

Award winners will receive a $100 gift card & a sign to display on their land to recognize their accomplishments. The presentation of awards will be Thursday, December 18 at Balz Reception Hall in Grand Island.  Hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be provided by Great Western Bank.

Again, nominations are open until Wednesday, November 5th.  The nomination form is available on the Central Platte NRD website at: or by contacting the CPNRD office at (308) 385-6282.  That number again is 385-6282.

Thank you for listening.  This is Marcia Lee, keeping you informed about your natural resources and the way NRDs protect lives, protect property and protect the future.


Listen to Marcia Lee Information/Education Specialist Central Platte Natural Resources District


Republican Basin Stream Flows


Emerald Ash Borer


Nebraska Soil & Water Conservation Program


Knowing the Proper Amount of Nitrogen